LAMS (Learner approved motorcycle scheme) is an Australian wide motorcycle practice that allows new riders to experience and ride a broader range of motorcycles.

• It is the responsibility of all motorcycle licence holders to make sure that they are riding an appropriate motorcycle for their class of licence. The holder of an RE licence, (including a learner licence) can only ride a motorcycle that has been approved as a LAM and is included on the list.

• To be a LAM the motorcycles must be in the standard form as produced by the manufacturer. Any motorcycle modified in a way that increases the power-to-weight ratio of the motorcycle is not LAM approved regardless of whether it appears on this list.

• Individually Constructed Motorcycles (custom made) will not be considered for inclusion within the LAM Scheme.

• Motorcycles produced prior to 1960 and do not exceed 660 mL will be included within the scheme.

• If you have a registered motorcycle that may qualify as a LAM Scheme approved motorcycle, please visit a Department of Transport and Main Roads customer service centre with the vehicle registration number to investigate eligibility further. Please note this check can be performed for registered motorcycles only.

A LAM indicator is included on the registration label of learner approved motorcycles.

Read the new rules for safer riding brochure for more information about the LAM Scheme, new rules for displaying P-plates, and pillion passenger restrictions.

LAM Scheme list of approved motorcycles

Download the LAM Scheme list of approved motorcycles.